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This product consist in the first Tokenized Decentralized Betting Exchange in the world! We use Binance Smart Chain, that said we are fully 100% a blockchain solution.
Our goal introducing this product is to solve some issues in the Betting and online gambling industry! We will solve this:
  • No KYC requirement, Stadium will be fully decentralized, so no need to KYC
  • No need to register
  • No bet limitation
  • Cheaper fees
  • Instant deposit and withdraws using metamask and other crypto wallets.
  • Sustainability
Basically Stadium Decentralized Betting Exchange is a place where you bet against other real players and not against the "House" like in others centralized betting platform, so when you win in Stadium you are not draining the Stadium Company funds, our Exchange will just provide a safe heaven to betting, charging a performance fee of 6% in profits made in the platform.
How that works? Simple, when you place a bet for example in Spain x Portugal, for example you bet that Spain will win the match, our system will put your bet in a marketplace waiting for another player to bet against you, matching the two orders, and charging the performance fee in the winning bet. Simple and sustainable, since there is no way that Stadium will ever lose funds.
The more players and betting volume in our platform, the more dividends we will share in the NFT Dividend Vault. This is our way to expand and grow our platform, giving 100% of the performance fee to the community!
That said Blockchain integration will help us with:
  • Providing users a source of revenue
  • Scalability
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Cost-Effective
  • Security with Smart Contract
  • Anonymity