Say Hello to Stadium

So, what is Stadium?
Stadium uses the full power of Blockchain to be the first Tokenized Decentralized Betting Exchange in the world! We use Binance Smart Chain to leverages our decentralized ambitions to the max!
Why is Stadium different?
Other platforms requires documents, KYC, register, gathering all source of data to try to stop your gains! Additionally, when you win, these centralized platforms looses money! Here in Stadium is different, since we do not make a bet against you, we are just like an Exchange, our goal is to create a safe place to people bet and gamble against each other, without any limitation.
Stadium offers a few key advantages:
  1. 1.
    Faster and cheaper: Stadium leverages the efficiency of the Binance Smart Chain blockchain to achieve transactions magnitudes faster and cheaper than any online platform.
  2. 2.
    A percentage of supply for ecosystem-wide liquidity: Stadium provides on-chain liquidity to the decentralized betting exchange, meaning that Stadium allows 30% of the supply to order flow and liquidity of the entire ecosystem.
  3. 3.
    Withdraw with a push of a button: all other platforms requires KYC to withdraw your money, here in Stadium we do not have this, in our platform we have a fully connection with Metamask a Defi Wallet, so with a push of a button you harvest all your gains from our platform whenever you want.
What can I do on Stadium?
  • Transfer funds
    STD is our token and it allows people to transact funds worldwide with low fees and fast transaction speed!
  • Place a Bet
    Stadium platform allow anyone to place a bet in different sports and other markets, without limitation and no KYC needed, Stadium is the place to make your profits with online bet.
  • Arbitrage
    Stadium platform does not have any limitation, that said, users can do arbitrage using others centralized platforms and our decentralized betting exchange without any concern.
  • Earn STD
    There are a number of ways to earn STD tokens while farming through our betting exchange and with auto-staking. More features are on the way!