Betting PVE

Estimate December

Our Betting PVE system consist in a simple betting platform, like a centralized sportsbook but with the powerful of blockchain.

  • No register

  • No KYC

  • No limits

  • Sustainability, as the platform will only pay the coins that is already held in treasure wallet.

  • Instant deposit and withdraws using metamask and other crypto wallets.

How its works?

Players and clients will be able to play/bet in any game of our new Bet PVE platform and receive rewards in STD token, there will be a treasure wallet holding 30% of the total supply of STD (30,000,000 Tokens).

This treasure is to fuel our first platform and to help create revenue to clients and holders.

The initial balance will be 30% of the total supply, but when this balance gets higher, our smart contract will offset the currency balance, and the overbalance will be paid as dividends to our token holders.

We estimate based on our research that this amount is a safe number to provide liquidity over alot of years.

Since next year (2022) our Decentralized Exchange will take place helping kick-off this betting ecosystem stronger and safer.

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