NFT Dividend Vaults

💰 Dividend Vaults

Dividend Vaults (DV) are a special kind of vault. They are used to manage the payout for NFT holders, and have their own distinct benefits.
To participate in this Vault, all you have to do is HODL your NFT into your wallet!

Here's how it normally works: ☝

Say we have $10,000 in fees to reward. Most other projects would just take a portion ($1,000, for example), to buy or burn supply to encourages people to HODL the token.
Eventually, there won't be any more fees to be gathered unless there is continuous and sustained fees from deposits. The price of the token will gradually trickle down to zero, as there is now no price incentive to keep the native token.

What does Stadium do differently?

Stadium created the first Tokenized Decentralized Betting Exchange in the Blockchain!
Imagine $100,000 is our daily volume, and our performance fee is 6%. Stadium will give 100% of the fees to the NFT owners, since our platform is really decentralized, our community and who owns the NFTS, are the real owners of the Betting Exchange, this enable us to give robust daily ROI% of 8% to the VIP NFT.
HOW? Simple: the Dividend Vault, will separate 100% of the fees, in the above example, $6,000 and do a weekly snapshot and airdrop to respective NFT wallet holders.

How do Dividend Vaults grow?

Our dividend vault have a 6% performance fee on profits. This performance fee is used to add funds to the dividend vaults. The more the platform grow, the more the dividends grow, since we have a limited max supply of 10,000 NFT's.

Reward Payout:

Dividend Vault: rewards from performance fee (6%).
  • TOTAL: 6%
  • VIP: 4%
  • PREMIUM: 1.25%
  • CAT1: 0.50%
  • CAT2: 0.25%