Dashboard (Work in Progress)

Current Development

Stadium $STD token presale is currently live now on: https://mystadium.me/presale

Next in Development:

  1. Token Pve Platform.

    Players and clients will be able to play/bet in any game of our new Bet PVE platform and receive rewards in STD token.

  2. Public Pre-sales of Stadium NFT's.

    Public Investors will be able to buy NFT's from our dashboard with STD, 50% of all STD used to purchased the NFT's will be burned forever!

  3. Decentralized Betting Exchange.

    Clients will soon realize how powerful our concept is, since it will enable players, arb, tipster and gamblers from all around the world to play in our platform without any kind of limitation!

  4. Lottery (Soon)

  5. Stadium NFT Marketplace (Soon)

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