Governance provides a mechanism for proposing and electing changes, determining how Stadium's platform will function on an ongoing basis.
Governance is available to those who hold/stake the $STD token. 🗳
Here is a list of places our snapshots will check for $STD (DYOR these aren't recommendations, just where we are looking for $STD):
  • STD and STD LPs in your wallet
  • Staking pools

🗳 Voting

Voting on a proposal is simple! When enabled just:
  • Go to our Snapshot page, where you can see all proposals.
  • Click on an active proposal, the proposal's details and options will display.
  • You will be presented with the voting options, current results to date, and more details.
  • Cast your vote: click your desired option, and press Vote.
  • A confirmation will appear, showing the amount of $STD you have to vote with, and a button to cast your vote.
The amount of $STD you can vote with is determined by the snapshot date and time. Every proposal will have a unique snapshot block, which means your available $STD to vote with may vary across proposals. If results aren't showing, use our custom domain to try and load the results of the voting!

📃 Creating Proposals

Anyone can create a proposal for the community to vote upon, provided they meet the minimum requirement: 1,000,000 $STD are required to create a new proposal.
Why 1Million $STD?
  • It helps ensure that proposals are only made by those significantly vested in $STD.
  • Flooding the voting mechanism is burdensome on the community: too many low-quality proposals will detract from the high-quality ones, making important choices less likely to be voted upon.
  • Our ethos is that anyone can propose and vote, however they should be invested in the success of the platform significantly, and for the long term. We want to discourage short-term acts like pumping one's own bags to quickly dump.
I don't have 1Million $STD, but I have a good idea--what can I do?
  • Spread the word:
    • Refine, tweak, agree with others to gain more support before trying to propose.
    • Create a post on Reddit for organised discussion about the topic
    • Discuss in our Telegram.
Strong ideas will be supported by the community, and someone with 1Million $STD may propose your idea--if beneficial to the community and themselves.
When creating a proposal, you should input the following information:
  • Question: the title, posted in question format.
    • Example: "How should the Dividend Vault be split?"
  • What is your proposal?: information about the vote, include as much detail as possible.
    • What the proposal is about.
    • Benefits it brings to the investors, platform and ecosystem.
    • Who will it affect.
    • What the different choices mean.
  • Choices: the voting options.
    • We suggest making proposals with multiple granular choices, not just a Yes/No.
    • This format helps a voter consider potentially impactful and beneficial ideas, which they were previously unaware of.

⚖Governance Ethos

We want the governance process to be as fluid and painless as possible: for the proponent, for the voters, and for ourselves. Hopefully with this set of guidance we can make proposals happen in a fair, collaborative, structured-but-flexible manner.
Last modified 1yr ago